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AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers OpsWorks as a configuration management service. It helps you automate the deployment and management of applications and resources in the cloud. With OpsWorks, you can
The Azure Activity Log is a fundamental component of Microsoft Azure’s monitoring and management toolkit. It provides a comprehensive record of activities and events that occur across an Azure subscription,
Azure Advisor provides advice for better Microsoft Azure cloud usage. It recommends improvements for performance, security, and cost-efficiency to help users optimize their resources.
Azure Service Health is like a health monitor for Microsoft Azure. It keeps you informed about service issues, planned maintenance, and disruptions, helping you stay updated and prepared.
Azure Virtual Machine is a cloud-based computer you can rent. It's flexible, scalable, and runs Windows or Linux, suitable for various applications, like hosting websites or databases.
Azure Management Tools are software and services for controlling and monitoring resources in Microsoft Azure. They help manage, secure, and optimize your cloud infrastructure efficiently.
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