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Introduction to AWS OpsWorks – Everything you need to Know

AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers OpsWorks as a configuration management service. It helps you automate the deployment and management of applications and resources in the cloud. With OpsWorks, you can define the software stack for your application, set up automated workflows, and scale your infrastructure based on demand. It supports popular application frameworks and provides a flexible and scalable approach to manage your infrastructure using Chef or Puppet for configuration management.

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Azure Activity Log

What is Azure Activity Log? – How to Download Azure Activity Logs

The Azure Activity Log is a fundamental component of Microsoft Azure’s monitoring and management toolkit. It provides a comprehensive record of activities and events that occur across an Azure subscription, offering insights into resource interactions, administrative actions, and changes to the configuration of cloud resources. This log serves as a valuable tool for monitoring, troubleshooting, security analysis, and auditing purposes, enabling users to gain a deeper understanding of their Azure environment’s operational activities.

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