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AWS Certification and Training

KloudCourse Academy's AWS Certification and Training Course offers an in-depth exploration of Amazon's leading cloud platform. This comprehensive program equips learners with essential AWS skills, provides hands-on experiences, and prepares them for various real-world cloud scenarios, enhancing their ability to succeed in the rapidly growing field of cloud computing.

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Azure Certification and Training

KloudCourse Academy's Microsoft Azure Certification and Training Course provides an extensive study of Microsoft's renowned cloud platform. This wide-ranging program furnishes learners with crucial Azure skills, involves practical experiences, and readies them for a variety of real-world cloud situations, amplifying their potential to excel in the rapidly expanding domain of cloud computing

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DP 203: Azure Data Engineering

KloudCourse Academy's DP-203 Certification and Training Course offers an in-depth understanding of the role of an Azure Data Engineer. This comprehensive program imparts vital Azure data engineering skills, includes hands-on learning experiences, and prepares students for diverse real-world data scenarios. This enhances their capacity to thrive in the fast-paced field of cloud data management and engineering.

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About US - KloudCourse Academy

Explore the cutting-edge world of cloud computing with KloudCourse Academy. We deliver top-tier online and in-person AWS, Azure, and data engineering training, among others, suitable for both novices and professionals. Our curriculum is designed with a practical approach, featuring real-time projects and internship opportunities. This hands-on experience complements theoretical learning and prepares you for real-world challenges in the tech industry. Specializing in Azure Data Factory and cloud migration training, we ensure you’re well-versed in every aspect of cloud computing. And with our placement guarantee, we don’t just train you for the industry, we ensure you’re an integral part of it. Join Kloud Course Academy today for an immersive learning experience and secure a promising future in the technology sector.

“Kloudcourse is a subsidiary company operating under the umbrella of Kurela Cognisive Pvt Ltd”

All Courses

AWS Training and Certification

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KloudCourse Academy provides robust AWS courses for all skill levels, honing abilities in architecture, development, and analytics. Achieving AWS certification through us bolsters your cloud expertise and career potential.Learn More

Chat GPT Online Course

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KloudCourse Academy provides robust AWS courses for all skill levels, honing abilities in architecture, development, and analytics. Achieving AWS certification through us bolsters your cloud expertise and career potential.Learn More

Azure Training and Certification

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At KloudCourse Academy, we offer extensive Azure training courses, ranging from administration to security. Attaining a Microsoft Azure certification through us augments your cloud computing skills and advances your career.Learn More

DP 203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure

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KloudCourse Academy's DP-203 Course fosters mastery in Azure data solutions. This Azure Data Engineer Certification propels your data management skills and career in cloud computing.Learn More

Why Choose Us

Experience Exceptional Training at KloudCourse Academy: Empowering Individuals to Achieve Success. Our expert trainers, cutting-edge resources, and comprehensive curriculum ensure the highest quality education. Join KloudCourse today and unlock your potential for personal and professional growth.

Comprehensive Curriculum
Take on the World
Expert Trainers at Kloud Course Academy
Learn from the Best
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Get Industry-Ready
Affordable Pricing
With Quality Education

All-Inclusive Training

Kloud Course Academy’s comprehensive curriculum is designed to equip learners with a well-rounded skill set for a thriving career in the cloud computing domain.

At Kloud Course Academy, we offer:

  • A wide-ranging curriculum covering cloud computing basics and specific training in AWS, Azure, and Data Engineering.
  • Practical insights through Azure Data Factory and Cloud Migration training.
  • Hands-on experience with real-time projects and internships, reinforcing the ‘learn by doing’ approach.
  • Placement guarantee, ensuring your future in the tech industry is secure.

    Creative Design

    Kloud Course Academy boasts a team of industry professionals as trainers, offering students invaluable insights and practical knowledge for a thriving career in cloud computing.

    At Kloud Course Academy, we offer:

    • Expert trainers who are seasoned industry professionals with extensive experience in cloud computing.
    • A blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, with trainers providing invaluable real-world insights.
    • Comprehensive training modules ranging from AWS and Azure to Data Engineering, Azure Data Factory, and Cloud Migration.
    • Hands-on learning through real-time projects and internships, enabling you to apply your knowledge practically.
    • Trainers committed to your success, helping you excel in your chosen field and secure a promising future with our placement guarantee.

    Hands On Real-Time Projects

    At Kloud Course Academy, each technology syllabus is expertly tailored to meet current industry requirements, offering real-world project experiences that prepare you for a thriving tech career.

    • Technology syllabi meticulously tailored to meet current industry requirements.
    • Real-world projects integrated into every course, such as AWS training, Azure training, data engineering, Azure Data Factory, and cloud migration training.
    • Opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios for a comprehensive learning experience.
    • Guidance from expert trainers during project implementation, enhancing your understanding of real-world applications.
    • Preparation for a thriving tech career, supported by our placement guarantee.

    Affordable Pricing

    At Kloud Course Academy, we believe in accessible quality education. Discover our competitive and affordable pricing options for our comprehensive cloud computing courses.

    • An emphasis on financial accessibility, with the belief that quality education should be affordable for all.
    • Competitive and affordable pricing options tailored to accommodate various budgets.
    • A range of courses including AWS training, Azure training, data engineering, Azure Data Factory, and cloud migration training.
    • Value for your investment through real-world projects, internships, expert guidance, and a supportive learning community.
    • A placement guarantee that underscores our commitment to your career success.

    Since 2016

    Choose The Best Learning Model For You

    Online Training

    Online Training

    Empower Your Potential with KloudCourse Academy's Online Training: Expert-led courses, flexible learning, interactive sessions, comprehensive resources, and career advancement opportunities. Join us today to unlock new possibilities for growth and success.

    Classroom Training

    Classroom Training

    Elevate Your Learning with KloudCourse Academy's Classroom Training: Experience interactive sessions, expert guidance, hands-on exercises, and a supportive learning environment. Join us today to enhance your skills and knowledge in a dynamic classroom setting.

    Corporate Training

    Corporate Training

    Empower Your Workforce with KloudCourse Academy's Corporate Training: Tailored programs, expert trainers, practical skills development, and measurable results. Enhance your team's performance and drive success with our comprehensive corporate training solutions.

    Corporate Training

    Drive Success with KloudCourse Academy’s Corporate Training

    Customized programs, industry-leading trainers, practical skill development, and measurable results. Empower your workforce and elevate performance with our comprehensive corporate training solutions.

    Placement Guaranteed Program

    Empower Your Future With Our Training, Your Success Guaranteed

    KloudCourse Academy’s placement guaranteed training program is a rigorous and immersive course designed to equip students with industry-relevant skills. With a strong placement record, our commitment is to ensure successful job placement for every student upon course completion.


    Comprehensive Training

    Skill Assessment

    Project Work

    Interview Preparation

    Job Placement

    Course Completion Certificate

    Boost Your Credentials with KloudCourse Academy’s Course Completion Certificate

    Upon completing a course at KloudCourse Academy, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate. This valuable credential validates your dedication and the skills you have gained. Recognized in the industry, the KloudCourse Academy Course Completion Certificate enhances your professional profile, setting you apart from others. Maximize your career prospects and showcase your achievement with our esteemed Course Completion Certificate.


    The instructor is excellent. He is extremely knowledgeable, always willing to help students and clarifies all their questions. Mr. Venkat K has a passion for his students to succeed in and beyond the Trainings. He is extremely knowledgeable and has been an outstanding instructor throughout the Cloud training sessions.” All my questions were answered and it was always an interactive class/session . THANK YOU.

    Raghu goud

    Google Review
    Venkat is one of the best real time cloud trainer available in the market currently. His sessions were very informative and he’ll teach concepts in depth. A big 👍.

    Sairam Yerramsetty

    Google Review

    Microsoft Azure Administrator Training: Venkat was a thorough professional and the way he guided throughout the training program was fantastic. He exactly knew What to Teach, How to Teach by knowing the trainee’s backgrounds. His vast experience in IT Infra and his continuous learning to Industry changes enables him with a complete repository of knowledge required to teach and guide the trainees. I absolutely loved the lab sessions, detailed explanation, market trends and overall guidance by Venkat. Would like to enroll in other training courses for sure

    Sunil Peechara

    Google Review

    Very enriching experience. The trainer was a great mentor!
    This training institute is a very good platform to build a career as it has provided me a good quality training on Azure Cloud AZ-103 / 104 course which is handled by a excellent trainer Venkat Kurela & communication and understanding topics with a Basics to an a Advance level.
    Best Online training institute.

    Satish Survi

    Google Review

    Initially, I was looking for AZURE training when I approach Venkat he shared a Generalized Introduction video link about cloud technologies then I got a very good overview about these technologies and it gives me the good confidence to take the right decision. Then I met him at that time he has given the complete information about AWS Certified Solution architect (Learning path, planning for certification and Job).

    Ranjeeth kumar Marepally

    Google Review

    Simply the best trainer I came across in my life. Venkat Sir is highly skilled and knowledgeable yet humble and down to earth. His teaching method are very simple, effective and to the point. Just listening to his lectures would clarify all your doubts and would give the edge that you need in today’s competitive world. Sir has extensive knowledge in all Cloud technologies, VMware, Virtualization, Networking, Windows admin etc. I highly recommend his classes to anyone looking to make a career in Cloud domain. – Thank You Sir.

    Nishant Singh

    Google Review

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