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Accelerate Your Job Search with Cloud Computing

Accelerate Your Job Search with Cloud Computing: Unleashing New Career OpportunitiesCloud Computing Basics

Accelerate Your Job Search with Cloud Computing

It is no longer a question of cloud or on-prem, no longer a debate about whether cloud computing is secure or not, no longer an assessment cloud computing saves money or not but everyone in the IT world thinking of better adaptation of cloud computing. Cloud computing has changed the IT world in how it operates.

From simple blog or web applications to High-Performance computing (HPC) to big data to AI & ML to very complex applications. From startup companies to mid-level to MNCs. From private sector organizations to health care to automobiles to education to banking and government organizations, everywhere cloud computing Fundamentals is adopted. I know you are curious to learn how this is possible, how cloud computing can accommodate the requirements of all industries, all the scales of organizations, and security & compliance requirements.

There are many benefits of cloud computing and ALM, and it is difficult to list all of them and measure the benefits to list in order, but we have put efforts to write some of the most common benefits of cloud computing.

  • On demand / Self-service: cloud computing offers close to 200 services like servers, networking storage, monitoring, access control, security, compliance, reporting, databases, analytics, AI, ML etc. to make use of any of these services you directly login to the cloud provider portal and start provisioning resources. We ourselves can do it, don’t have to wait until Microsoft or amazon or google etc to come do it for us. It could be Sunday, public holiday, raining, hot, cold does not matter, all we need is an internet connectivity so we ourselves can login and can provision services whenever we want.
  • Pay as you go: is another game changer, that you don’t have to give any commitment, but we can use services for sec to min to hours to days to months to years and no commitment needed. Beauty of cloud computing is accurate measurement of resource utilization, so we are billing for what exactly we use not more less. Based on the resource we use there is more relevant pricing method, available. For example, compute services like azure vm, functions, webapp etc are billing per sec / min, whereas storage is per gb used and networking / load balancers are per hour plus throughput served etc. so, there are convenient pricing options are available, being an cloud architect we take more optimized decision.
  • Rapid elasticity: I still wonder the way these cloud providers handing capacity & scaling across all regions and datacentres for all resources. In a traditional datacentre it takes about two to three months to setup a physical server and to deliver it to development teams but with introduction of virtualization it has reduced to hours, but virtualization has limitations because at some point we still have to add physical capacity which would take few weeks to months. But in this ever-changing world, we have more applications that are not steady state, workload resource requirements change in minutes to seconds as we must to scale as demand changes.

Cloud computing can support to scale up and scale out that to scale from few vms to hundreds to thousands in matter of minutes and to scale vm size from 1vcpu 1gb ram to 128vcpus to 4tb or more, while you only pay for what exactly you use.

  • Broad network access: cloud platform is available all over the world, all you need is a basic internet connection and a client machine. Hit a URL in the browser and you are done. So connectivity & access is made easy while ensuring top security is promised and maintained. Irrespective of location you are, client machine you use cloud computing platforms can be accessed all over the world.
  • Resource Pooling: cloud computing providers are having datacenters all over the world, for example a provider has datacenters India, Singapore, US, Europe and Australia locations. For a customer to connect to cloud platform if there separate URL for each location and separate URL for each service approximately 200 then it will be no of services * no of locations that will be 200 * 5 which is huge number of access portal. Cloud computing providers made it easy for us by doing resource pooling, no matter hominy regions and datacenter do they have but there will be one central portal to access cloud services.

Cloud computing providers: there are many cloud service providers, few top providers are Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure compute, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle etc.

It is like buying a mobile phone, there are many mobile making companies, when we are to buy a mobile like how we compare and pick one similarly when we are to choose cloud platform well, we compare in different aspects like price, services, friendly portal, integration, connectivity, support and future portfolio. Fortunately to top cloud providers delivery similar services and reset of the features are at similar quality.

What cloud computing means to me as a student: well, we have seen what is cloud computing and benefits of it so no doubt everybody is hosting their applications on cloud and echo system is built & growing around cloud platforms only.

Be it infra, access control, security, database, analytics or functional roles everything is built around cloud meaning, let’s say earlier we use to test applications in datacenter now we are testing applications in cloud so testing job role is same but job duties include testing application sin cloud. Similarly, database engineers earlier deployed data bases in a datacenter now deploying the same in cloud so even DBA need to know cloud and every other job role includes duties of cloud computing.

to ensure that you are better performer, you get good job with package location of your choice or other goodies we need to add top skills in demand. It is very clear that every job roles involve cloud skills I highly advise you to have cloud admin skills to your profile.

Let’s see some of the admin course from top cloud providers.

Once you complete any of above training and certification then you can add special track of skill like DBA or Security or Networking of AI or ML etc..

Our contribution to cloud and students: we Kurela Cognisive Pvt Ltd have been delivering trainings into cloud from 2015, so for we have delivered best online cloud training and best cloud training in Hyderabad. We also have delivered corporate trainings to top MNCs like Cognizant, Accenture, IBM, HP, DBS, CSC and many other companies internationally.

We also have placed candidates with great package stating from 2.5LPA to 25LPA, our students are placed in top MNCs same is helping to push more students through our previous students and this community is ever increasing.

What we do is not just a commercial engagement but to build strong community or professionals so candidate placement is top priority and things will follow.

We will learn more of cloud computing like deployment models (public, private, community & hybrid) and delivery models (PaaS, SaaS, IaaS & Storage aaS) in the coming posts and what it means to us those who are preparing for interviews or career upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions about Accelerate Your Job Search with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a type of Internet-based computing that enables users to store, manage, and access data on a remote server

  • Self-Service Experience.
  • Digital Customer Engagement.
  • Service Process Management.
  • Customer Service Automation.
  • Service Operations.
  • Customer Service AI.
  • Contact Center.
  • Field Service.

Cloud computing jobs range from architects and developers to data scientists, security pros, and more

Over the next few years, there will be a significant increase in the number of jobs in cloud computing, with the banking, IT, telecom, insurance, and financial services sectors accounting for over half of the market.

A career in Cloud computing offers limitless opportunities and impressive career prospects

AWS dominates the cloud market. AWS provides a diverse range of cloud computing products and services, including compute, storage, analytics, databases, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, and IoT.

If you have an interest in cloud computing and any relevant qualifications, it is helpful to explore your job options before you start applying.

The cloud delivers more flexibility and reliability, increased performance and efficiency,

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of compute power, databases, storage, applications, and other IT resources via an internet-based cloud services platform at pay-as-you-go pricing.

According to DC forecasts by the end of 2025, the market value in future of cloud computing will cross 1.3 trillion USD.

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